What's new in Angular: June 2018

What's new withAngular_ June 2018


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 Ivy:  If you haven't already heard about Ivy, it's the new rendering engine in Angular.  There's an app you can check out -- -- to see how far they're progressing, and see how close they are to releasing it. This is the third rendering engine for Angular.


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WYSIWYG Prototyping Tool: Did you catch this on the Angular blog?
"While a public launch is still months away, we have begun building a WYSIWYG prototyping tool that allows designers to use Angular components to create realistic, data-driven prototypes." -- Blair Metcalf  Check out the Angular blog post in the link above to learn more about it.


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ng add @briebug/jest: 
We, at BrieBug, are proud to announce that one of our engineers, Kevin Schuchard, wrote a schematic that allows you to add Jest right in to your Angular projects. You can learn more about it in Kevin's blog post.