Upcoming Meetups: So you wanna do Redux? + Intro to RxJS | ng-conf Giveaway

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Meetup: So you wanna do Redux?


So you've built an application in Angular using the CLI and the complexity just seems to keep growing out of control. How do I manage the state of the application and reduce the complexity? I've heard about Redux and the NGRX library, but where do I even begin?

We will be deep diving into a real production application, looking at the challenges presented, and then going step by step through the conversion process. We will be creating actions, reducers, effects, and selectors while refactoring the existing code. By the end of this process you will have learned how to identify areas for redux, how to plan for a redux conversion, and how to successfully convert existing code over quickly and easily to NGRX.


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Meetup: Introduction to RxJS


ReactiveX is an library for asynchronous programming with observable streams, and RxJS is the JavaScript library. Building modern web application, and specifically single page applications, requires extensive use of asynchronous programming. As Angular developers we are likely already using observables, but we may not fully understand them, and we definitely don't know all of the many, many operators that are available to us.

In this presentation we'll dive into observer pattern implemented by RxJS and a few of the operators that are available to us. We'll quickly learn the power of observable streams. In fact, you might even start to think that everything is a stream.


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Thank you + Our Big Announcement!


We want to thank all of you who made it out to our Evening of Angular with Joe Eames and Aaron Frost! It was a fantastic event, and the community played a large part in it's success.

We also announced that we’re giving away an all-expenses paid trip to ng-conf 2018. Ng-conf is THE Angular conference in the United States - we’re a platinum sponsor this year and are looking forward to taking our team, as well as the lucky winner, to this conference. You can learn more and enter the giveaway on our website. 

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