Upcoming Meetups: Jeremy Wilken | Jesse Sanders | BrieBug at ng-conf


Building Conversational Experieces with Jeremy Wilken


Build your own conversational experiences, using technologies like Google Actions, Dialogflow, and Angular, so that you can improve the user experience of your applications. Using AI, you can craft intelligent voice driven experiences quickly that integrate with your services and drives your interfaces.

With the rise of voice assistants, voice is becoming another surface area for users to interact with your product or service. We can now start to blend this new technology with our existing offerings to improve user experience, engagement, and satisfaction.

Using the Google Assistant platform, you'll see how to create a conversational interface that runs an Angular application. You’ll also learn the essential tools from the Google Actions/Assistant platform.


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Meetup: NgRx Jest Testing


Everybody knows how important testing is and yet many of us have projects without tests, commented out tests, or testing disabled. In a perfect world, we build our new project with tests and everything is great until we get asked to refactor the application and now have hundreds of broken tests. In addition, I may have implemented my project with NgRx and I have a whole new set of items to test; actions, reducers, and effects. Jest.js makes testing regular and NgRx projects a breeze.

I'll show you how to install and start testing with Jest.js with zero configuration. We will dive into serializers to simplify the output and explore how to test simple functions as well as actions, reducers, and effects. I'll show you how easy it is to test your components and know that they will render exactly the way you expect. I'll also be showing you how your refactor with hundreds of broken tests can be fixed in a matter of minutes.


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BrieBug x 3 at ng-conf!


In addition to being a Platinum-level sponsor, BrieBug will be giving three talks at the 2018 ng-conf in Salt Lake City! You can read about one of the presentations that Jesse is giving by clicking the link below.