Replay: Zero to App in 30 Minutes with AngularFire



In this video, Jamie builds an interactive mapping app to see where everyone’s from in just half an hour, while the audience joins in testing the app as it’s built in real time. AngularFire and Firebase make this possible. AngularFire is an observable-based Angular wrapper around the Firebase SDK. Firebase includes all the backend infrastructure you need to build an app. This video covers authentication, implementing guards on routes, and CRUDing Firestore data.

About the Presenter: Jamie is a web developer who specializes in UI and mobile. He got his start in ActionScript and has loved working with the web ever since. He participates heavily in open source and works for BrieBug, helping companies do Angular the right way.

This video was recorded at the July 11, 2018 Rocky Mountain Angular Meetup in Denver, CO.