Replay: Rocky Mountain Angular Discussion Panel

This is a recording of an Angular discussion panel with four Angular developers from Denver, including David East, a Developer Advocate at Google. Here are some of the topics discussed:

- Why did your organization choose Angular over other frameworks? 
- Reasons for staying up to date with Angular releases? Issues upgrading?
- Do you find the current current release cycle of a major version every 6 months to be a good thing or does it cause any issues?
- Do you wish you could change angular in any way? Where do you struggle with it?
- If your org has multiple angular apps, what strategies provide consistent architecture and encourage component reuse?
- What is your state management library of choice?
- What are the most prevalent patterns you’ve adopted when building Angular apps?
- Does your organization contribute to the Angular community and perhaps the broader web?
- What's your experience recruiting angular devs?
- Adoption rate of migrating traditional web apps to SPAs?
- Adoption rate of migrating an AngularJS application to Angular? 

About the panelists:

David East: 
David East is a Developer Advocate on the Firebase Team at Google. He has previously worked on the Angular team and gave the first ever Angular "2" (I know, it's just Angular) talk. David also leads the AngularFire library trying to make Firebase and Angular development as awesome as possible.

Matt Vaughn - Web Page Developer
Building web applications from VBScript/ASP (1998) to Angular 5 (2018). Currently focused on Angular: applications, custom libraries, tools, development environment, and applying enterprise patterns and practices in the front end. Builder of code generation and scaffolding tools for .NET applications, Web APIs, and Microservices. GitHub open source projects include angular-rules-engine and angular-actions (

Kevin Schuchard - BrieBug
Kevin Schuchard is a Senior developer and avid cyclist from Nashville, TN. When he’s not spending time with his wife and son, he can be found cycling through the mountains of Colorado.

Jose Estrella - Charter Communications
Jose Estrella is a Senior Manager with Charter Communications in the Advanced Engineering (R&D) department. He manages a team responsible for building and integrating the company’s most significant initiatives into the video headend system, including the World Box & Spectrum Guide. Jose is an avid Angular developer. When he is not spending time with his family, he can be found either creating automation tools for his team or studying for his Doctorates.

Panel Moderator:

Jamie Perkins - BrieBug
Jamie is a web developer who specializes in UI and mobile. He got his start in ActionScript and has loved working with the web ever since. He participates heavily in open source and works for BrieBug, helping companies do Angular the right way.

This video was recorded at the Rocky Mountain Angular Meetup on June 20, 2018 in Denver , CO.