Replay: Modeling Redux State

One of the challenges of using the Redux (ngrx) architecture for a large, complex application is deciding how to model the state object. In this video we dive into what types of data should be kept in the state (hint: there's no "right" answer), why it should be normalized, and how to organize state to reduce duplicate and nested data and keep reducer logic simple.




Jesse Sanders is the founder and CEO of BrieBug, a premier broker of technology solutions. He learned to code BASIC at 13 years old on his TRS80 Color Computer and started as a developer over 20 years ago on the Microsoft stack using VB4. He founded BrieBug in 2009 and has since built a team of talented developers dedicated to delivering cutting edge enterprise solutions. He is an expert in JavaScript languages, including Angular and React. Jesse received his Google Developer Expert in Angular designation in 2018. When he isn’t busy running a software business, he enjoys skiing and cycling in his home state of Colorado, and spending time with his three kids.

Jesse has been a guest speaker on Adventures in Angular and presented three times at ng-conf 2018, you can see the replay of those presentations.

This video was recorded at the Rocky Mountain Angular Meetup on June 12, 2018 in Denver, CO.