Replay: Jesse Sanders at ng-conf 2018


Jest Testing 

There have been lots of talks about proper ways of testing our Angular applications but no one in the Angular community is talking much about the jest.js snapshots and how we can effectively and quickly test our applications. Snapshot testing allows us to quickly validate our UI when given a deterministic state. Snapshot testing also allows us to validate our reducers post state quickly and easily. This 20-minute talk is a great overview on how to quickly integrate jest.js into our angular-cli app, what files to check in, and how to write tests that effectively validate state and ui rendering.





NgRx Complex Form

This talk is a deep dive into how to handle complex forms using ngrx. We will start out with several use cases in our sample app that typically cause problems such as race conditions, dynamic forms, and duplicated data. This presentation is a combination of slides explaining use cases, core concepts, and possible solutions. We will be moving between the slides and live coding to show the problem conditions and then fix the problem by restructuring or modifying the code. Everyone wants to learn more about ngrx and hw to implement complex forms while understanding how to avoid some of the common pitfalls we often run into.






NgRx Mobile with Ionic

Creating mobile applications has never been easier using frameworks like Angular and Ionic together. You can quickly create a new application, install cordova plugins, and begin to create the newest and hottest application for the App Store. But how do we manage the complexity when our mobile application grows, data slows, race conditions occur, and we need to get it under control. NgRx is a great solution for mobile applications to help you solve these issues. We will be showing you step-by-step how to introduce NgRx into your mobile application, avoid common pitfalls, and teach you best practices. By the end of the talk you will have the tools and knowledge you need to tackle your next mobile project with NgRx.