Replay: I'm Not Ready For NgRx


Building applications for the modern web can be complicated and there are so many different approaches out there. Everyone seems to be talking about using NgRx to solve all of their problems, but maybe I'm not ready for that.

The idea of writing actions, reducers, effects, and selectors seems like too much work for me right now; there has to be some middle ground that I can start with! Come learn tips and techniques on how find some middle ground.


Presenter Bio: Jesse Sanders is the founder and CEO of BrieBug and a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Angular and Web Technologies. He regularly speaks around the world on Angular and related web technologies to inform and inspire developers on how to build the next generation of web applications. He regularly teaches workshops on Angular fundamentals, NgRx, and advanced Angular topics. He specializes in architecting systems using Angular for enterprise clients to help them achieve their goals. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his children, biking, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, and training for triathlons. You can follow him on twitter - @JesseS_BrieBug


This video was recorded at the October 11, 2018 Rocky Mountain Angular Meetup in Denver, Colorado