Replay: Electron with Angular

Discover Electron, an open-source framework developed by GitHub which allows the development of desktop GUI applications for Mac, Windows & Linux using front and back end components originally developed for web applications: Node.js runtime for the backend and Chromium for the frontend.

We will walk through some examples on how to use Angular 5 within Electron.

First demo shows simple Electron setup with APIs and structure,
Second demo focuses on communication between Electron processes,
Third demo takes a vanilla Angular 5 app and puts it into Electron with minimal changes.

About the Presenter:
Benjamin Soulier is a French entrepreneur who moved from France in 2017 to Boulder to create Alpin, a SaaS Management platform. He worked with numerous fortune 500 companies in Europe. He has been working with Angular on front-end for the past 5 years and on Microsoft stack on back-end for the past 15 years.