ng-conf Trip Winner: A Follow-up Interview

Tom Price, winner of BrieBug's ng-conf 2018 Trip Giveaway, joined us in Salt Lake City for ng-conf 2018. Here is his take on the whole experience:


What was one of your favorite moments of the conference?

A skit on the first day of the conference attempted to explain Switchmap in non-technical terms. It was highlighted with cameos by Ben Lesh and Misko Hevery. Was it corny? Of course! But, it illustrated a difficult topic in an unusually visual and effective way.  I feel like I understand it better by attending.
 I enjoyed taking a break from lunch to see Papa Smurf litter the inside of the Combat Robots cage with pieces of the Marshmallow Man. 
And, who could forget watching a shameless conference attendee perform Bohemian Rhapsody during ng-karaoke at the Gateway?
Photo Courtesy of Tome Price

Out of all the speakers, who did you enjoy seeing the most? 

Dan Wahlin is a great presenter. He breaks things down and explains them in simple, understandable terms. We're just getting started with Docker here and I found both of his presentations on Docker helpful.
John Papa's presentation on readable code was also very well done with ideas that you could immediately use.

What topic was your favorite to learn about?

Do I have to pick ONE favorite?
I really enjoyed the presentation and demo on Stackblitz. I hadn't heard of this product pre-conference, but wow!! It was impressive how quickly they were able put together a prototype. Equally impressive was that the winning team for the Thursday night Hackathon recognized the collaboration capabilities and harnessed them in a non-Angular way to put together their '80's Basic application.
I had received my first introduction to elements at a local user group meeting barely a week before the conference. The ability to leverage elements across frameworks is is clearly a significant breakthrough. This is something that I definitely want to know more about.
The short presentation on hacking was an eye opener. It illustrated how easy some of the vulnerabilities and exploits are to do. I've noted some of the web sites mentioned during the talk and intend to investigate this in detail after I get caught up.
Photo Courtesy of Tome Price


Did you learn anything new that you now want to apply in your own projects?

The presentation on VS code was particularly helpful. Many of us fall into patterns of using tools without understanding their full potential. This talk was full of simple things that I didn't know about that could immediately make me more productive. Although the talk was directed toward Angular and Javascript, the web site is a treasure trove that addresses other things I should be using this product for.
I've been delaying the use of Reactive forms. After attending the presentation, I see huge advantages and I'm going to make the effort to get u
p to speed on them.
I was impressed with the CDK. This is something that I should be using right now.

Was there a topic that piqued your interest enough that you want to learn more outside the conference? 

I had hoped to attend Hanyu Xiao's presentation on streamlining the AngularJs to Angular migration process. This is apparently a hot topic for others too. The Murano room was not adequate for such a large crowd and after standing at the door for a while I finally gave up. Fortunately, a longer ver
sion of the talk had been done the week before for the Houston user group and was available on YouTube.
Multiple tracks on Thursday means you sometimes have to make hard choices. Attending the VS Code presentation meant that I missed Deborah Kurata's presentation on the Angular router. I've already watched it on YouTube.
Photo Courtesy of Tome Price

Was there anything you wish would have been covered that was not?

I thought there was a good mix of topics at a variety of technical levels. I would't change a thing.

Did you play the Dungeons of Daggorath game at the BrieBug booth?

Sadly, no.

Is there anything else you want to share about your experience at ng-conf 2018?

Anybody who is sitting on the fence about attending this conference should do it! 
Really enjoyed the '80's theme. It was interesting to reflect on how many of the attendees weren't even born then.
I've been to a number of local events like code camps and SQL Saturdays but this takes things to an entirely different level. One of the nicest hotels I have ever been to. Great speakers on important topics. Extremely well organized. Engineered to stay on schedule. Activities to keep you engaged if you hit the wall and max out on the presentations. Great swag and door prizes. A rare opportunity to interact with others passionate about Angular and above all to have fun. BY FAR, the best conference I have ever been to.
I was pleased to get to meet a number of the BrieBug team and to learn about the Extended conference that you held for the local community. THANK YOU for your support of the developer community and for giving me the experience of a lifetime. I 'd really like to go back again one day.

All photos courtesy of Tom Price.