Meetup: @ngrx/entity: The Forgotten Package

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⏰Agenda ⏰:
5:00 - Doors
5:30 - Food and Networking 🍕🍺
6:00 - 📣 Announcements 
6:10 - ⚡️🎬 NGXS for Beginners 
6:35 - 🎬 @ngrx/entity: The Forgotten Package 
7:30 - 🎁 Wrap-up 
8:00 - Post-Meetup 🍺🍻🍸- TBD


#1 -
⚡️NGXS for Beginners⚡️ by Jose Estrella

NGXS is a state management pattern + library for Angular. It acts as a single source of truth for your application's state, providing simple rules for predictable state mutations. This talk will revolve around briefly speaking on NGXS and the boilerplate setup. For more information on NGXS visit:

#2 -
🔥 @ngrx/entity: The Forgotten Package 🔥 by James Spivey

Are you a daily ngrx user and never heard of entity? That is okay! In this talk we will deep dive into what entity is and why it can help speed up your team. From fighting the ever hated, Boilerplate to speeding up time to market, @ngrx/entity is an invaluable tool that your team should not be without. Simplifying your Stores has never been easier. We will talk about all of its features, what a basic implementation looks like, and gotchas that will get you up to speed quickly on this amazing package dev teams have forgotten.

Presenter Bios:

• James Spivey has been working in tech since Adobe Flash was a thing, RIP! He has a desire to learn, make mistakes, break things and teach others. Building cool stuff is his dream, hobby, and job. He has navigated the coding realm for nearly two decades dabbling in Coldfusion, Flash, Flex, .NET, and settling into his current love, Javascript. He has helped numerous Government Agencies and Fortune 100 companies realize their technical dreams and is currently contracting with Charter to build cutting edge solutions in Angular.

• Jose Estrella is a Senior Manager with Charter Communications in the Advanced Engineering (R&D) department. He manages a team responsible for building and integrating the company’s most significant initiatives into the video headend system, including the World Box & Spectrum Guide. Jose is an avid Angular developer. When he is not spending time with his family, he can be found either creating automation tools for his team or studying for his Doctorates.

This talk will be live-streamed on the BrieBug YouTube channel.