Evening of Angular 2019 Speaker Highlights

Our lineup of speakers for Evening of Angular this year is pretty phenomenal. It includes two developers from our local community (one is a current BrieBug employee), and five Angular Google Developers Experts! You can learn more about each of them below. Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

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Charles “Hudson” Baker:


I am a Full Stack engineer at a satellites and signals specialist company who loves Angular, rock climbing, and learning until my brain hurts.

TITLE: Handling Websockets with RxJs

Build an instant messaging app by passing live data between the client and server using RxJs and Websockets




Lukas Ruebbelke


Lukas is a web application developer with over ten year’s experience building immersive, client-side applications for a wide range of clients including start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Lukas is a frequent conference speaker, Google Developer Expert, author and heavily involved within the Phoenix development community. He is the co-organizer of a local meetup with almost 1000 members and organizes multiple conferences and hackathons in the valley.

TITLE: NgRx, Thin Components, and the Twilight Zone


There is an acute sense of pain that developers experience as they try to reconcile complex user interactions and interpret the effect those actions will have on the overall application state. This generally starts out as a fairly painless journey, but as application complexity increases, so do the demands that we place on our components.

Let us imagine a scenario where the primary function of components is to expose just enough data for our templates to bind to and capture events to be passed along to a service. On a superficial level, it is obvious that these would be much easier components to work with, but what are some deeper implications of having all of our user events reduced to a series of actions and then broadcasted to the rest of the application? What happens if we bypass the components entirely and just start broadcasting those same actions directly into the application? What if we switched one view layer to another? Could one application share multiple views at the same time? If we know the actions a user takes and we can recreate them, does "time" really matter?




Kim Maida



Kim is an Angular consultant and Google Developer Expert, working as the Manager of Community & Technical Content for Auth0. She is passionate about identity, authentication, and the Angular community. She loves learning from and sharing with other developers. She organizes the Angular Ann Arbor meetup, enjoys running Angular authentication workshops, and mentors ngGirls workshops whenever possible.

TITLE: Components: Life Beyond Init and Destroy


In this talk, I will share tips and tricks for building powerful components with lifecycle hooks, templating techniques, and practical use cases. We’ll go deeper than the most well-known and commonly-used strategies: what lies beyond ngOnInit, ngOnDestroy, inputs, and outputs? We’ll learn how and when to use other lifecycle hooks to monitor and manipulate component templates. I’ll dig into template reference variables, NgIfElse, declarative templating with the async pipe, view children, and more. Go deeper with components in this talk and come out knowing how to leverage more advanced techniques in your Angular applications!



Matt Vaughn:


Matt Vaughn is a Colorado native who has been developing web-based applications since 1998. Matt has built rule engines for .NET and Angular. Since 2016, Matt has released several Angular packages on npm to allow for the implementation of rich business logic in Angular applications. He is also the host of the "Angularlicious" podcast at

TITLE:  Angular Workspace :: The Good Stuff

DESCRIPTION: A quick overview of what the Angular Workspace offers. We'll compare the differences between the Angular and Nrwl's Nx Workspace. Review the benefits and good practices for using a workspace - as well as identify things not to do (anti-patterns) for working with the Angular Workspace.




Brandon Roberts (talk with Mike Ryan)


Brandon is an Angular Team member working on documentation and development. He is also a maintainer on the NgRx project, building reactive libraries for Angular.


Mike Ryan (talk with Brandon Roberts)


Mike is a software engineer at Synapse building user interfaces for industrial Internet of Things applications. He is a Google Developer Expert and a core team member of NgRx, an open source organization building high quality reactive libraries for Angular.

TITLE: Demystifying NgRx

If you've built apps with NgRx and used the official NgRx documentation there may have been a few surprises that left you scratching your head. Why are actions defined that way? Why aren't selectors built this way? What's up with this effects pattern? In this talk, we are going to demystify the logic behind the more esoteric design choices in NgRx Store and Effects.



Bonnie Brennan


Bonnie is a JavaScript Architect specializing in Angular. She taught herself AngularJS way back in 2013, founded ngHouston in 2015 and has been involved with the Angular community since. Now she’s a Google Developer Expert, Angular Air panelist, and streams ngHouston live most Thursday nights. Her proudest achievement by far is her Child Component, Samantha.

TITLE: Angular Performance Anti-Patterns



Sam Brennan


Sam is the co-founder of Code Bridge Texas, a speaker, volunteer, teacher, developer, and high school student in Houston, Texas. She enjoys running, learning, driving, and playing with her cat.