Replay: App Testing: The Good Parts


Testing if often thought off as having no obvious ROI, not worth the effort, or too difficult to maintain. Developers just want to build right? Yet companies often spend their resources manually verifying that features "still work" after every release.

When it comes to testing, the DRY principal applies too. If you're repeatedly testing something it's time to automate it. It's also common for applications to reach a level of maturity where introducing new features simultaneously introduces new bugs. We've all experienced, or written ;), a file that no one wants to touch. While a discussion for refactoring is in order, you should also consider writing tests around its expected functionality so that you can confidently make changes without the fear introducing more bugs. Kevin will discuss 4 different types of tests for an application and how each plays a role in fast stable releases. 

Presenter Bio: Kevin Schuchard is a Senior developer and avid cyclist from Nashville, TN. When he’s not spending time with his wife and son, he can be found cycling through the mountains of Colorado.

This video was recorded at the October 11, 2018 Rocky Mountain Angular Meetup in Denver, Colorado