An evening of Angular with Joe Eames and Aaron Frost

An Evening of Angular - Joe Eames and Aaron Frost

Join us for an evening of conversation and learning from two of the country's top Angular experts!
Learning is a core value at BrieBug - we believe in fostering an environment of learning, challenging people to be industry leaders. 
We are proud to further Angular education in Denver by bringing Joe Eames and Aaron Frost to speak. 

Wednesday, January 17th
Alamo Drafthouse - Sloan's Lake
Doors: 4:30 p.m.
Presentations: 5:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.
Ticket cost: $20  (ticket includes one drink ticket plus snacks)

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Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to charities in Denver

CAAS: Components as a Service
Presented by: Aaron Frost

Each of us was taught to write Angular in a way that can be poorly thought out. This talk is about harnessing performance, and focusing on speed as you build your app. I will teach you a pattern to dynamically add components to your view at runtime, instead of adding them to your templates at build time.

A Deep Dive into Angular's Dependency Injection
Presented by: Joe Eames
In this session, we'll be looking at Angular's dependency injection mechanism. We'll look at the basics of providers, look at advanced uses of providers, and get a look at how the dependency injection mechanism works with providers to let us easily get ahold of the services we want, when we want them, without worrying about the details of their implementation.

Aaron Frost:

Aaron Frost is a Principal Engineer at SaltStack, working on the front-end team for their enterprise product. They are using Angular to build the future of SaltStack. Frosty's team is looking for a few Sr Engineers to join his team (remote friendly). Aaron is also one of the organizers of ng-conf, the original and largest Angular conference. For the last several years, Frosty has also enjoyed being part of the GDE (Google Developer Expert) program at Google, where he functions as an expert in Angular and the Angular community. 
More about Aaron:
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Joe Eames:
Joe began his love of programming on an Apple III in BASIC. Although his preferred language is JavaScript, he has worked professionally with just about every major Microsoft language. He’s currently a consultant and full time author for Pluralsight. Joe has always had a strong interest in education, and has worked both full- and part-time as a technical teacher for since 1999. He’s a frequent blogger and speaker, organizer of ng-conf, the AngularJS conference, and a panelist on the JavaScript Jabber and Adventures in Angular podcasts. Source: CodeMag
More about Joe:
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