5 Reasons Why (you) The Developer Should Work Here


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. --Steve Jobs

A cup of coffee on Monday morning. It’s time to light those ignitors .... everyone loves the smell of freshly brewed coffee (yes it’s from Costa Rica, we love coffee). Today’s the day, it’s Monday and we have lots to do. We ALL have the desire to make the most of our days within BrieBug. It’s a constant desire to learn as much as we can each and every day. Today offers NO better chance that ANY OTHER day to learn. HEAT up those ideas, and prepare to launch yourself into the thriving culture within BrieBug.

We’re awesome because…

  • We are working with the cutting edge technology.
    • Who doesn’t like to stay ahead of the curve? Come learn about the new and improved Angular 5 at our January 9th meetup.
    • We believe in building enterprise solutions that are designed to evolve and grow with a company, applying the best practices to achieve our client’s vision.
  • Flexibility in work/life balance.
    • Yes - we ‘get it’. Take the time you need to be the awesome person that you have always wanted to be - but get your work done! Unlimited PTO*, a company house in Vail (we love snow), working from home, team outings/dinners and more!  * some limitations apply.
  • Mentoring/educating others - community is always 1st.
    • Mentoring and educating others is a part of who we are. Fostering an environment of learning and challenging people to be industry leaders is a core value at BrieBug.
  • We are always exploring new ideas, concepts, and having fun while doing so.
    • Do you want to try something new? Need new tools to do so? We have the tools to help you become a better developer.
    • Want to share something in front of 50+ people that may find it helpful? Give a presentation at one of three BrieBug sponsored meetups each month.
    • Let's put our work, personal time, and projects all within reach - after all, it's all about growing!
  • Jesse (our fearless leader) is willing to give you a chance if you are willing to try. Loyalty is reciprocated with loyalty.
    • If you haven’t had the chance to speak with Jesse, you should. He puts others first, he is devoted to making you a better YOU!
    • We have created a team of fun, well-educated, experts that love to give back.

We are always hiring - We are constantly learning - We are always giving back. Come and find us within one of our Meetups around Denver (Rocky Mountain Angular). (Yes, beers and foosball are always on the plate).

Interested in learning about available positions? Email me, our Talent Development lead, at

* Disclaimer; coffee may be subject to have come in a box for a Keurig. We do love Costa Rica, however.