BrieBug Presentations at ng-conf 2018

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NgRx Complex Forms

This talk is a deep dive into how to handle complex forms using ngrx. We will start out with several use cases in our sample app that typically cause problems such as race conditions, dynamic forms, and duplicated data. This presentation is a combination of slides explaining use cases, core concepts, and possible solutions. I will be moving between the slides and live coding to show the problem conditions and then fix the problem by restructuring or modifying the code. The reason I believe this is very important to the community is because we have lots of talks/examples at the 50,000 ft level, but few examples of how to handle real-world problems. Everyone wants to learn more about ngrx and hw to implement complex forms while understanding how to avoid some of the common pitfalls we often run into.

Thursday, April 19th

NgRx Jest Testing

Everybody knows how important testing is and yet many of us have projects without tests, commented out tests, or testing disabled. In a perfect world, we build our new project with tests and everything is great until we get asked to refactor the application and now have hundreds of broken tests. In addition, I may have implemented my project with NgRx and I have a whole new set of items to test; actions, reducers, and effects. Jest.js makes testing regular and NgRx projects a breeze. I'll show you how to install and start testing with Jest.js with zero configuration. We will dive into serializers to simplify the output and explore how to test simple functions as well as actions, reducers, and effects. I'll show you how easy it is to test your components and know that they will render exactly the way you expect. I'll also be showing you how your refactor with hundreds of broken tests can be fixed in a matter of minutes.

Jesse Sanders, Founder + CEO of BrieBug
Jesse Sanders is the founder and CEO of BrieBug, a premier broker of technology solutions. He learned to code BASIC at 13 years old on his TRS80 Color Computer and started as a developer over 20 years ago on the Microsoft stack using VB4. He founded BrieBug in 2009 and has since built a team of talented developers dedicated to delivering cutting-edge enterprise solutions. He is an expert in JavaScript languages, including Angular and React. When Jesse isn’t busy running a software business, he enjoys skiing and cycling in his home state of Colorado. His other hobbies include spending time with his three kids and their dog, Sparkle.